The best way to keep your kids productive this summer is to indulge them into sports, travel adventures, and get them interested in making money for a change. Instilling values of thrift, hard work, and saving will go a long way towards making kids more self-sufficient, responsible, and independent, molding them into enterprising young adults in the long run. That’s the basic premise of Junior Preneur, an annual trade bazaar that aims to inspire entrepreneurship and increase financial literacy among kids.

The bazaar has stalls which can sell anything under the sun. Competition is encouraged. Creativity is a challenge. This is a one-day selling event. Sellers must sign up a Business Profile and an Autobiography of the kids upon joining. Sellers are awarded with Business Certificate, and get a chance to win special awards and their child be chosen to be the next year’s Junior Preneur.

On the other hand, there are also workshops that encourage kids to participate in cooking or baking, academics, music, arts, and sports. Animal encounter, mascot shows, magic show, variety shows, and more are part of the special event.

The Junior Preneur Org aims to give a memorable experience to kids who aspire to be entrepreneurs in the future. Despite the primary objective of honing kids’ business acumen, the organizers also aim to encourage the nobler spirit of giving and sharing. Proceeds from the bazaar have been earmarked for Cribs Foundation, an NGO for under-privileged children. For the past 4 years, Junior Preneur had also donated to Right Start Center and Tahanan Santa Luisa.